Eglise Haitienne Gethsemane


youths and Kids 

Represent 40% of our congrgation .They meet every sunday afternoon for their activities and practicing.They organise different activities where we discover their talent and use them for the glory of the Lord. 


Sunday School 

This department is divised in 4 classes witch :Classe Debora,Classe Gedeon,Classe Fleeur d'or ,and classe Rayon.

Each class has a qualify teacher to teach the lesson.The classes meet every sunday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM


Women Ministry care of all church activities like :revival,receptions,meeting and learning about their ministry,fellowship,worship service.



This group care about salvation.Respond to our mission to accomplish to great commission thatb the Lord send every one to search for perish people,hopeless tell them about new life in Jesus C.